The World Kashrus Council (WKC) is an international Kashrus organization  offering kosher certification to manufacturers of food, food additives and household products.  Our goal is to create and to offer kosher product to consumers that even Moshe Rabenu would eat.  Some might think that our stringencies are excessive, but we are talking about the very food that enters your body and nourishes your body and soul. Don’t you want it to be 110%?

At center of the World Kashrus Council is Rabbi Feigelbaumsteinbergerbaum.  Rabbi Feigelbaumsteinbergerbaum comes from a long line of rabbonim, who have always been extremely stringent when it comes to kashrus. A great, great grandson of the Tzadik of Feigel, a descendant of Rabbi Baruch Baum (through his father and also his mother) and Rabbi Horse/Mule Stein, Rabbi Feigelbaumsteinbergerbaum brings wisdom and understanding to the kashrus business.

Under the watchful eye of the esteemed Rabbi Feigelbaumsteinbergerbaum, the World Kashrus Council is meant to provide a reliable hashgacha to not only food, but consumer products as well. Whether you are looking for toilet paper, cell phones, cameras or bicycles, WKC is vigilant, looking for any possible issue that affects the body and soul of every Jew.

In order to satisfy the lowest (or highest) common denominator, we have set very stringent guidelines to ensure that all consumers will be comfortable with our certification. Some of our stringencies may appear to be “over the top”, but in the interest of creating a universal certification, nothing should be scoffed at.


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